1. Firstly, navigate to Catalog > Categories via the sidebar menu

2. To add new category, click on the Add New icon at the top right hand corner.

3. In the General tab, fill in the Category Name

4. To add the current category as subcategory: navigate to the Data tab, at the Parent field, type in the parent category and select it. You can link a sub-category to multiple parent categories. 

In this example, the category will be the Accessories (parent category) > Hat / Cap (child category)

5. If you want to sort the ordering of the categories shown in frontend: in the same Data tab, scroll down to Sort Order field and fill in the desired ordering.

In this case, we fill in 3 for Accessories category.

Thus, in the frontend, the Accessories will be shown as the 3rd order.

6. To temporary hide / disable the category: in the same Data tab, scroll down to Status field. In the dropdown, select Disabled. You may select Enabled if you want to show / enable it back later on.

7. To edit the url of the category: navigate to SEO tab and change the Default field (**The url must be unique, avoid using spaces, instead use '-')

8. Click Save / Quick Save button at the top right hand corner once you are done editing.

Save button will redirect back to the category list page, while Quick Save button allows you to remain at the same page after saving.

9. To delete a category: select / tick the category in the category list and click the Delete button