eCommerceIntro system supports multiple shipping methods.

By default, we will enable these payment methods for you upon request:

1) Weight Based Shipping

2) Free Shipping

To add or change your shipping fee and price, navigate to Extensions > Shipping

Free Shipping

If you want to provide free shipping, you can enable Free Shipping method and put the amount of purchase your customers need to make in order to be eligible for free shipping.

Eg. if you put 100, customers who have order more than $100 only will get the free shipping option.

Flat Rate

You can charge a flat rate (means same shipping fee no matter what the order amount is) for a specific zone.

However this only works for 1 geo zone.

Weight Based Shipping

If you want to charge based on product or parcel weight, enable Weight Based Shipping.

Key in your price like this: Weight:Price

Eg. 5:10.00,7:12.00 

Which will be 5kg for $10, 7kg for $12