To add, edit or remove payment method, navigate to Extensions > Payment.

By default, we will enable Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and PayPal method in your account.

Bank Transfer

This method is used to display your bank account information upon checkout, so that your customers can take note of it and use manual bank transfer to transfer the money to your account later.

This is NOT Internet Bank Transfer method. Which means your customers have to go to the specific online banking of the bank website manually and use Fund Transfer feature to transfer to your account, or by visiting a physical bank or Cash Deposit machine.

Cash on Delivery

When you enable this method (which you can set specifically for customers in certain areas only), your customers will not need to pay anything upon checkout.

They will then visit your store or meet up with you to pay the money for their order.


First you will have to register for a Business Account in PayPal to do this, kindly register one here.

After that, input the email you used to register for your PayPal account under this payment method, and select "Sale" as the Transaction Method.

If you use "Authorization" transaction method, you will need to manually approve every payment in your PayPal account before the payment is confirmed.

Leave the rest of the options as default.

Payment Gateway

If you have registered your payment gateway to receive payment from Credit Card or Internet Banking, we would have already configured it properly for you.

If you need any assistance, kindly contact us at