1.Customer place an order. She/he will apply coupon code in shopping cart if any. Customer can either choose Guest checkout or register an account before checkout. 

2.Shipping Fee will automatically be determined based on customer’s location to match with the setting in system. 


3.They can then choose the payment method to use which you have in your system.

4.Once payment is successful, the order will be marked either in Processing or Complete, depending on which payment gateway you use.

5.Order confirmed and confirmation email will be sent to both Admin and Customer.

6.Admin can then view the Order in Dashboard or Sales>Orders. If you need to print out the invoice, just click on Print Invoice. View the order information and start to prepare the product and packaging.

7.Once stock is prepared and sent out, go to Sales >Order tab.

8. Select the order you want to view and click on View. Scroll down to the Order History section, update the tracking number in the Comment field and insert any comments you want for customers.

9. Tick Notify Customer and click Add History and customer will be notified with the order update and tracking number by email. Change Order Status to 'Shipped'.

10. Your order processing is now complete!