All eCommerce plans come with the Coupon feature by default.

This should not be confused with Gift Voucher feature.

You may create and designate coupons to specific products or product categories under Sales > Coupons. The Coupons page will display a list of all the coupons created in the administration.

General tab

Coupon Name: A descriptive name for the coupon. This is for your own reference, will not be visible to customers.

Code: A unique coupon code that the customer needs to enter in the shopping cart to use the coupon in the store front.

Type: The discount can be a fixed amount off, or a percentage off from the total amount.

Discount: The number taken off from the purchase total.

Total Amount: The amount a customer must reach before using the coupon. (For example, customer need to purchase RM200 to be able to apply the coupon code)


Customer Login: Selecting 'yes' requires the customer to be logged into their store account to use the coupon. Selecting 'no' will let a customer use the coupon as a guest.

Free Shipping: Selecting 'yes' gives the customer free shipping for using the discount code.

Category: Selecting a product category will apply the discount to all products within that category. See Categories for more information on how to create a new product category. **You may leave it empty for customer to use it storewide.

Products: Individual products can be selected by entering in the product name in the space provided. To remove a product from the discount, click the red minus button in the product list below it. **You may leave it empty for customer to use it storewide. 

Date Start: The first day that the discount can be used.

Date End: The last day the discount can be used.

Uses per Coupon: Limits how many times the coupon can be used by customers, put 0 for unlimited uses. (For example: if you put '100' means the coupon code can be use 100 times for all customers, first come first serve basis)

Uses per Customer: Limits how many times a specific customer can use the coupon. (For example: if you put '1' means the coupon code can be use by once per customer, if Customer A already uses the coupon code, Customer A cannot use the coupon code for next purchase anymore)

Status: Enables or disables the coupon for use in the store front.