We'll show you in 3 simple steps how to add a new currency to your eCommerce store in this article.

Step 1:

To start, log into your store's admin area and navigate to System > Localisation > Currencies.


Step 2:

Click the add (+) button in the top right corner to add a new currency.


Step 3:

Now simply add the details of your new currency to the form.

  • Currency Title: This will be shown on your storefront when a user switches currency.
  • Code: The ISO code for your currency. If you're not sure of the official code, please refer here.
  • Symbol Left / Symbol Right: This is the symbol that will show for your currency (e.g. £, $) and whether it will show at the left or right of the number.
  • Decimal Places: The decimal places that you'd like your currency to be shown to - generally people use two decimal places.
  • Value: If your new currency will be your default currency, set the value to 1.00000. The rest of your currencies will be worked out against your default currency. You can choose to set your value yourself or OpenCart can automatically update your currency for you (read more about this below).
  • Status: Set whether your currency is enabled or disabled.

Click save and your currency will now be live on your store front! You can add as many currencies as you'd like through the same process.

Auto Update Currency

By default, system will automatically update your currencies with the latest exchange rates for you. If you'd like to manually update the currencies, you can turn off the 'Auto Update Currency' setting by going to: System > Settings > Store > Local