Note: This feature is available exclusively for Ultimate Plan users only.

1. After login to your Admin Panel, navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Module/App > WaterMark.

2. You would see the screen as below. (If you see a license inactivate message, kindly ignore it as we have a bulk license and will only update when there is a major patch or security update).

3. Set Status to Enabled.

4. If you want the watermark to appear on only images with certain sizes, then you can fill in the "Apply to image dimension" field, else, ignore this field.

5. You can also choose to display the watermark on selected products only by selecting your products at "Apply to Products".

Else, it will apply to every product in your store.

6. You can also choose to display the watermark on selected categories only by selecting your categories at "Apply to Categories".

Else, it will apply to every category in your store.

7. There's 2 type of watermark available. One is text format, another is image.

If you are using text, type your watermark text on the the "Text" field, choose your Font and Font Size.

8. If you're using Image, then just upload your image.

9. Adjust the position to your liking, your can see the preview on the right.

10. You can adjust the rotation angle and transparency by changing the "Rotation" and "Opacity Type" field.