Note: This feature is available exclusively for Ultimate Plan users only.

1. After login to your Admin Panel, navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Module/App > Abandoned Cart.

2. In the first tab "Control Panel", you should change the status to "Enabled" when you're ready to use this feature.

3. Remain the settings for the rest of the pages, unless you want to change them.

4. Go to Mail Template tab and start creating your auto follow-up email for abandoned carts.

5. Click on add template and you'll see the screen as below:

  • Template 1 Status: Enable the template so it will start sending
  • Template 1 Name: Give the template a name for your own reference only.
  • Send After: Set how many days this email will send after the customer has abandoned the cart
  • Customer Groups: Select which group of customers you want to send, don't select anything if you want to send to all
  • Type of Discount: Choose to give Percentage or Fixed price discount coupon you want to give in the email.
  • Remove Empty Record: Leave it Disabled
  • Additional Options: You can remove the abandoned cart record after the email is sent. You can also skip the email if the products are out of stock.

6. You can continue to create additional email templates if you want to.

7. Click on Save Changes when you're done.