Note: This feature is available exclusively for Ultimate Plan users only. 

1. After login to your Admin Panel, navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Module/App > Popup.

2. Click on Add Module.

3. There are 3 types of Pop Up notice that you can do, Newsletter, Contact Form or Custom.

If you want to encourage people to opt-in to your newsletter, choose Newsletter.

If you want people to contact you from the pop-up, choose Contact Form.

If you want to insert a banner or custom HTML content, choose Custom.

4. Write the title and content of your pop up notice.

5. Show only once: Set to show the pop up only once, else it will keep showing on every time the visitor lands on the page.

6. Display text don't show again: Change to Yes if you didn't set show only once and want to allow people to not display the pop up again.

7. Translate text don't show again: In case you have multiple languages, this is where you input the translation for "Dont Show Again".

8. Custom URL to open pop-up: Leave this as it is

9. Background image and background image position: In case you want to have a background image together with your pop-up content, you can do it here.

10. Show After: Configure the delay for the pop-up to show.

11. Layout: Set which pages for the pop-up to show, commonly used is "Home" only.

12. Set status to Enabled and then Save.