Now you can create a Massive Sale in just a few clicks!

Mega Sale app allows you to set special prices for entire product categories, brands, customer group, products and their combinations (category & brand & customer group combinations) in just a few seconds.

With this app, you can now create mass discounts in your store easily!

1. To create a mega sale for your store, navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Apps (or Modules), find 'Mega Sale'.

2. Click on the edit button.

3. On the first page, you will see the list of current Mega Sale that is going on (or empty if this is the first time you are here).

4. Click on Add New Sale tab.

5. Date Start: Select the date that you want this sale to start.

6. Date End: Select the date that you want this sale to end.

7. Discount: This is where you input the amount or percentage of the discount. If you want to give a 50% discount, input 50. If you want to give RM100 discount, input 100.

8. Discount Type: This is to set the above discount to be in a fixed fee or percentage based.

9. Customer Group: If you want to offer this sale to only a specific customer group, like your VIP, then only select that particular group here. If it applies to everyone, check 'Select all'.

10. Product Category: If you want to apply the sale to one or a few selected categories, check the box and then select the specific categories.

11. Manufacturer: If you want to apply the sale to one or a few branded items, check the box and then select the specific brands.

12. Product Filter: Most of the stores aren't using filters, so you can skip this step.

13. Products to Exclude: If let say you apply the sale to one category, but there's a few products you want to exclude from this sale, you can select them here be to excluded.

14. Priority: If you have multiple Specials price set to run at the same time, this priority here will determine whether which sale will take over. A lower number has a higher priority.

15. Round Prices to 0.05: If the price of the product after discount is $1.63, it will be rounded to $1.60.

16. Remove Individual sales: If selected products have Specials already set, checking this option will remove the existing Specials. If not, then it will be added on top of current Specials and the one with higher priority will take effect.

Click on the Save button to execute this sale.

You're done!

Remove all sales tab

If for whatever reason you want to remove every single Specials from the store, you can come to this tab and check the box, then click Ok on the popup message.

This would REMOVE every single Specials of all products on your store, proceed with cautions.