When you have a lot of products to upload, going through the multiple tabs on the Product Upload page can be exhausting.

This is where the Simplified Product Upload app can help ease through this process.

The Simplified Product Upload app allows you to hide those options that you do not use.

Then, you can also choose to display everything on a single page, instead of going through the 'tabs'.

*Note* You can contact our support team to modify this for you if you need help

If you would like to customize what fields appear on your Product Upload page, you can use the app.

Navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Apps (or Modules) > Simplified Product Upload, click Edit.

1. Status change to Enabled

2. Below you will find the list of fields that you usually can see in your Product Upload page.

3. If you would like to Hide those fields, just click on the Checkbox. Checked = Hide.

4. On the last option at the bottom that says "Hide all Tabs", if you check this, then your Product upload page would be simplified into a single page only.

5. Scroll back to the top and click the Save button.

Now if you go to Catalog > Product  > Add New.

You would see you have fewer fields and tabs to view now as you've hidden them.

At any time you want to bring back those hidden fields, just go back to the Simplified Product Upload app to enable them.