You may configure the settings as below:

1. Login to Admin Dashboard.

2. Navigate to Extensions > Extensions via the sidebar menu.

3. In the Extension List dropdown, select Apps.

4. Find BirthdayReminder and select the pencil icon to Edit.

5. In the BirthdayReminder, you may configure according to your preferences under the Settings tab.  

Sending coupons manually

1. Under the Calendar tab, you can view the customers' birthday.

2. You may select the customer and send the birthday coupon to him/her. 

Note: The coupon code is auto generated and you do not need to change this.

You just need to select the Type of discount, Discount and Total Amount.

3. The coupon will then be receive by the customers.

4. The coupon code received by customer will then ready to be used.

Sending coupons automatically

1. Under the Gift mail tab, you can fill in the 

  • Types of discount
  • Discount
  • Subject

2. By select the Cron Jobs button, there will be a popup as below.

Note: You may set the settings for Store Owner and Customers to receive the email automatically according to your preferences.