This tutorial is meant for WooCommerce to disable specific days for delivery and pickup. These days can be set for Public Holidays or when your store will be off to disallow user to place orders for those days.

1. Login to your Admin Dashboard.

2. Navigate to Woo Delivery via the sidebar menu.

3. In Woo Delivery sidebar menu, select OFF DAYS.

4. In DELIVERY OFF DAYS and PICKUP OFF DAYS, fill in the Year, Month and Days (need to be separated by commas) that you're going to disable the delivery and pickup. Click SAVE CHANGES button after you're done configuring.

Click ADD MONTH to add off days for other months.

Click ADD NEW YEAR to add off days for other years.

Fill in DELIVERY OFF DAYS only if you're going to disable for delivery only.

Fill in PICKUP OFF DAYS only if you're goin to disable for pickup only.

A sample screenshot is shown as below.

Your user will able to see that the date are not selectable during checkout.