If you wish to send and receive emails from your devices like Windows desktop, your laptop, Mac, Android or Apple iPhone, you will need to follow the settings and configurations from your server.

There are two main types of configurations you can use:

POP3: POP3 does not coordinate with the server. Messages that the mail application marks as read, deleted, or replied to will not show up as such on the server. This means that future mail downloads with POP3 will show all messages as unread.

IMAP: IMAP email access coordinates between the server and your mail application. Messages that you have read, deleted, or replied to will show up as such, both on the server and in the mail application.

We always recommend to use IMAP setting.

You can find the information at:


Find Email Accounts

Go to any email account that you have, click on More > Configure Email Client.

Follow everything from the Manual Setting box, and you are good to go.