With the reward point system, you can award your customer with special points which commonly being used like 'Membership Points' or 'Loyalty Points'.

These points can be awarded when customers purchase certain items from your online store, and you can also enable some items to be purchased using reward points.

To enable Reward Point system:

1. Login to the admin panel.

2. Roll your mouse over Extensions, and click Order Totals.

3. Reward Points are Enabled by default. If for some reason it is not, click the Edit link, change the Status to Enabled, and click the Save button.

Setting the Number of Points a product Gives/Costs:

1. Login to the admin panel.

2. Roll your mouse over Catalog, and click Products

3. Click Edit next to the product you want to work with.

4. On the Products page, click the Reward Points tab.

Points: In this field you can set the amount of points required to purchase a product. Set to 0 if you don't want customers to purchase this product with reward points.

Customer Group: This field will be different depending on the customer group you have set in your Customer Group setting. 

You can set how many reward points each group can get when they purchase this product.

Any customer who bought the Reward Points enabled product will get the designated reward points when they bought the products.

Your customer who have Reward points in their account can then use this point to purchase any product which can be purchased via Reward point.

Reward points can be used as a member's specific discount.

* You will have to determine how much each point is worth in your own calculation. Example, RM1 = 1 Reward point

* Each product's reward points have to be set manually and one by one, or you can also mass/bulk edit by using Import/Export tool.