In this guide you will find the different usage and features of Options.

Options is useful when you want to add different product choices to a product, such as Color, Size, Custom Made Option, File Upload, Delivery Date, Multiple Add-ons and so on.

To add, edit or remove Options in your Options Master List, go to Catalog > Options.

By default you will see several different types of options available, with different nature.

You can select the one you want to use and edit it or create a new set of options.

Here we will go through with you the different Option Type that you can use.


Useful for sizes or color, which you requires customer to select only one out of the many choices from drop down menu.


Same as Select Option, with different display method. Uses radio buttons instead of drop down menu.


Customers can tick to select whichever applicable. Useful when you have extra accessories to upsell or addon/customization options.

Customers select multiple checkboxes.


Similar to Select, but by displaying an image instead.

Text and Textarea

Provide a text or text area for your customers to write in. Useful when you need special instructions from the customers for specific product.

Eg. Printing custom text t-shirt, your customers can write their words to be printed in this area.


Allows your customers to upload a file. Useful when they need to upload their own image for t-shirt printing or other usage.

Date & Time

Gives your customers the choice to pick a date and time. Useful when you want to give customers the choice to specify their own Delivery Date, or other purposes that requires them to input date and time.

* Kindly take note that each option is an independent value and does not have relevancy over each other.

For example if you want to do manual stock keeping for Color and Size, you will have to create options that merge them together and not separately.

Use only 1 Option in this instance, "Color & Size" and your value should be "Red M, Red L, Red XL" and so on.