Newsletter sending system is included in all eCommerce plans.

This newsletter system allows you to send bulk emails to specific customer groups. You can use this feature to send newsletters, information on specials, or to communicate any type of store information to select groups of customers, or all of them. Customer groups are especially useful in emailing specific groups of people instead of every customer stored in the administration. For more information on how to create a customer group, see Customer Groups

The Newsletter system page can be accessed from Marketing > Mail.

In your To:, you can select which group of people you want to send your newsletter to.

All Newsletter Subscribers: Send to everyone who has subscribe to your newsletter during registration or in their account, aka Opt-In list.

All Customers: Send to all registered customers, despite they subscribe to your newsletter or not.

Customer Group: Choose this when you only want to send to a specific Customer Groups.

Customers: Choose this when you only want to send to specific customers.

All Affiliates: Send to all registered affiliates accounts.

Affiliates: Send to specific affiliates.

Products: Send only to customers who have ordered products in the list.