This tutorial will guide you on how to add the product options on product side. If you did not add the product option in the master list yet, please do so by following the guidance here.

By following the steps below, you are assumed to have knowledge on add / edit products.

Manage Product Option

In the Add / Edit Product page, navigate to Option tab

Remove Option

Remove the option by click the Minus icon

Add New Option

1. Fill in the Option value and select it in the provided input field. Repeat this step if you have more than one option.

2. For Required, select Yes if you require customer to select the option, select No if you do not customer select the option

3. Click the Add Option Value button, repeat this according to the number of option value you have. (For example, if you have 3 option values, click the Add Option Value button for 3 times)

4. Select and fill in the option value

Option Value: Select option value (added in Product Option List) using dropdown

Quantity: Fill in the quantity of stock available for the option value

Subtract Stock: If you are doing manual stock keeping, select Yes so when people purchase 1 of this product, the quantity will reduce by 1, select No for unlimited purchase.

* Kindly take note that each option is an independent value and does not have relevancy over each other.

For example if you want to do manual stock keeping for Color and Size, you will have to create options that merge them together and not separately.

Use only 1 Option in this instance, "Color & Size" and your value should be "Red M, Red L, Red XL" and so on.

Price: The price of the option value on top of the original price you had set in Data tab previously.

Scenario from screenshot: Price of T-Shirt is RM50

  • Grey (by leaving it blank) - RM50
  • White (+10) - RM60
  • Wine (-5) - RM45

Points: The reward points of the option value on top of the original reward point you had set in Reward Points tab. Learn more about Reward Points.

Scenario from screenshot: Reward Points of T-Shirt is 50

  • Grey (by leaving blank) - 50
  • White (+50) - 100
  • Wine (-5) - 45

Weight: The weight of the option value on top of the original weight you had set in Data tab previously.

Scenario from screenshot: Weight of T-Shirt is 5kg

  • Grey (by leaving it blank) - 5kg
  • White (+0.5) - 5.5kg
  • Wine (-2) - 3kg

5. After done editing, click Save / Quick Save button at the top right hand corner once you are done editing.

Save button will redirect back to the category list page, while Quick Save button allows you to remain at the same page after saving.