1. To upload or edit products, navigate to Catalog > Products. Click on Insert for new product or select a product and Edit.

*Required field.

General Tab 

*Product Name: The product name that will display in your home page, category page and product page, main title of the product

Meta Tag Description: Your Meta tag description for this product, SEO purpose.

Meta Tag Keywords: Your Meta tag keywords for this product, SEO purpose.

Description: You can put additional pictures and styling under this description box. It will appear under your product Pictures, Price and Option.

Product Tags: You can insert product tags for search purpose, like "green", "leather".

Data Tab

*Model: Your unique Product Model or ID

SKU: Your Stock Keeping Unit, can be leave blank

UPC: Your Universal Product Code, this can be Barcode number of your product for your own reference if you are using barcode system, can be leave blank if you don't have.


EAN: European Article Number, can be leave blank.

JAN: Japanese Article Number, can be leave blank.

ISBN: International Standard Book Number, can be leave blank.

MPN: Manufacture Part Number, can be leave blank.


Location: You can let your customer the location of the item availability, can be leave blank


Price: Your product selling price, in number only without currency sign. 

Tax Class: Link to one of your Tax Rate if you have set it in your Tax Settings.


Quantity: The amount or quantity of products you have, put 0 for "Pre-Order" purpose or unlimited purchase.

Minimum Quantity: Force a number of minimum quantity for each order.

Subtract Stock: If you are doing manual stock keeping, put this to Yes so when people purchase 1 of this product, the quantity will reduce by 1.


Out of Stock Status: Put "Out of Stock" if you are doing manual stock keeping, put "Pre-Order" if you are doing pre-order type of business.


Require Shipping: If set to no, customers who bought this product will not need to go through shipping method during checkout, which means they won't pay for shipping fee. Suitable for "membership" or "downloadable" product.


SEO keyword: This will become the URL of this product page, for SEO purpose, can be leave blank if you have "Auto Generate SEO Tool". 


Image: Upload your image and the image shows here will be the main and first image to display for this product.


Date Available: If you are uploading this product in advance, you can set a future date of availability so it will be auto enabled when the day comes.


Dimensions: Specify the product volume or dimensions here if you like, or you can put it in Description under General tab.


Length Class: Set the length in cm, mm or inch.


Weight: Input the weight of the product here if you want, if you are using Weight Based Shipping this is important and must be specify, can be leave blank.


Weight Class: Set the weight to be in Kilogram, Gram, Pound or Ounce.


Status: Can be disabled if you are no longer selling it, it will not be display in your store front when disabled.


Sort Order: Can leave it be.



Links Tab

Manufacturer: If you are using Manufacturer or Brand type of filtering or categorization, link the product to any manufacturer here.

Categories: Specify the product to be in which categories, can be one or multiple.

Filters: Leave blank.

Stores: Leave it unless you sign-up for multi-store.

Downloads: Link to your downloadable products if you have one.

Related Products: Manually set the Related Products if you want, be default system will randomly pick the related products for you.

Attribute Tab

If you are using Attributes for your product, such as Spec, Color, Type etc. which your customers won't get to select, you can link the attributes here.

Click Add Attirbute, on the left, search for the Attribute that you have created. 

On the right, input the text.

If you are using Color as an Attribute:

Go to Catalog > Attributes > Attributes Group, create a new group and name it "Color Group". Go to Catalog > Attributes and create new Attribute name "Color" and link it to "Color Group".

Now in your Product Attributes Tab, on the left you have to search for "Color", in the Text field, you have to manually type the colors available, such as "Green,Blue,White" without the quotes.

Attribute is only useful when you are using "Product Filters and Refine Search" feature.

Option Tab

Here you can add multiple options to your product, such as Color, Size, Model etc. which allows your customers to select.

Before you can add any option, you must first add them to your Master List at Catalog > Options.

Once you have created your options in the master list, you can then add and link them here.

Once you add the options you also have the choice of specify a different quantity to each option, or different price, reward point and weight.'

Discount Tab

You can set bulk purchase discount here and specify it to specific customer group.

Click Add Discount.

Select the customer group that you want to offer the discount to.

Set Quantity to be eligible for discount. Eg. "10", only purchase 10 or above quantity will enjoy the discount.

Priority: Set the priority of this discount over others.

Price: Specific price of the product after discount.

Date Start and Date End: The discount period.

Special Tab

Special is more widely used as a one off and easier management discount type.

The difference between Special and Discount is that Special will apply to even 1 quantity.

Image Tab

If you have more than 1 image for this product, you can add them here. If you have uploaded them together at the Data tab, they will be automatically be displayed here.

Reward Points Tab

If you want to use Reward Points and want to give reward points for this product purchase, set the amount of points here.

Design Tab

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Marketplace Links

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